West Mount

West Mount:

This spectacular hill climb us very conveniently situated alongside the show ground of JIMF at Peoples Park, which allows people attending the show an excellent opportunity to see the start, as well as access to a vantage point half way up the hill, where the hill twists and turns past the bowling green. 

The hill is approximately 640 metres long, and provides some exciting challenges for both riders and drivers. Shortly after the start, there is a left hander, which requires some braking and is a little awkward because of the adverse camber. This is followed by a nice little flick to the right and then using the full width of the road, a long sweep past the bowling green and into a very tight right hander, which is the dominant feature of the hill. Braking and line are critical at this point, in too close and the gradient steepens dramatically, and it is generally thought best to keep out a little way before powering through the transitional curve leading to a long straight climb and a very fast finish.

Cars can cross the finishing line at over 80mph which requires very good braking within the stopping zone! The event starts at on Saturday morning with practice runs and continues throughout the afternoon.